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Photo gallery

Photo gallery – best photos from family adventures inside glaciers in Iceland, on top of Welsh battlements and inside the Kremlin.

Moroccan Market, Morocco photography

Morocco photography

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Capturing the crazy colours of Kasbah with its waist coated monkeys, uninvited snake necklaces and abandoned donkey hooves. Snaps of sunflower festooned rafts, waterfalls in the Atlas mountains and camel caravans.

Portugal pictures

Portugal holidays in pictures

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The best and brightest photos from Portugal furnace hot beaches, eat-you-up waves, unexpected medieval camels and castles in the sky.

Porthmeor Beach, St Ives gallery

St Ives Gallery

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St Ives gallery – favourite photos of the many fabulous beaches fronting St Ives: Porthmeor, Porth Gwidden, Porthminster and Harbour Beach (and I’ve thrown in Porthcurno, which is a drive away but too beautiful not to).

Boy throwing stones into lake, Canada pictures

Best Canada pictures

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The most arresting photos of Canadian glacial hikes, icy rivers and turquoise lakes from our family Canadian road trip adventure with (bear) bells on.

cropped sunset feature

Photos for sale at Adobe

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The ultimate collections from my galleries of photos for sale and download from my world travels.

Volcanic pools at Geysir, Iceland pictures

Best Iceland pictures

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Classic Iceland pictures – brought to you from milky blue lagoons, inside glaciers and black baby puffin-strewn volcanic beaches.

Kitay Gorod, Moscow, Russia pictures

Russia pictures

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Moscow winter wonderland in Pictures – golden onion domes, fabulous cathedrals, icy rivers, scarlet fortresses in Red Square, a snow covered Kremlin and neon back-lit ice skating at Gorky Park.