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Jamaica photography – the 6 best bits

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Market, Montego Bay, Jamaica photography

Jamaica is self evidently a wildly photogenic subject. Which makes it all the more annoying that at most tourist sites, taking your own photographs is not allowed. Still, I managed to sneak a few in when no one was looking, whilst showing willing and buying a couple of theirs along the way (when they were only $10 at Rose Hall, rather than $70 at Ocho Rios)

Jamaica photography 1. The beach

Jamaica is rightly famous for its electric blue Caribbean seas. They can turn a bit cobolt when the afternoon storms roll in. Here is the very cool and funkily named Doctor’s Cave beach, bumping up against the sea lapping the doorstep of the Rose Hall Hilton, Monetgo Bay.

Jamaica photography 2. Dolphin

The dolphin people, understandably, really wanted to see you their photos. So they ban took these ban you from taking your own pictures. I did sneak these in from behind a bush at the top of the cliff. Shoot me.

Jamaica photography 3. Alligators

Taking an alligator safari, gliding through the mangroves for an afternoon is a good use of a Jamaican afternoon. Watch out as they may pop up on the boardwalk when you’re not looking.

Jamaica photography 4. Rum

Jamaica is all about the rum. Watch it being made and the drink your own body weight at the Appleton Rum Estate.

Jamaica photography 5. Pools and bars

Grab an all inconclusive deal for a swim up bar, lazy river tubing, rope bridges and water slides. Throw in free rum and you may have found heaven on Earth.

Jamaica photography 6. Haunted plantation houses

The former plantation doubles up as a golf course these days. Wander amongst the ruins before entering the owner’s haunted home.

Sun setting over our tropical Jamaican holiday. Check out Jamaica All Inclusive with kids  – a Caribbean adventure for the full story!

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Jamaica photography
Jamaica photography
Jamaica photography