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Gypsy caravan in the Wye Valley

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Fitting 4 in a gypsy caravan

Looking for last minute glamping options for the Bank Holiday weekend on pitch up website,  and found ourselves a turn of the century showman’s Gypsy caravan in the Wye Valley. Was surprisingly able to fit 4 by popping a “mezzanine” mattress and fairy-lighting it under the bed (not for the claustrophobic). Children did say they felt like Victorian urchins – so a built in field trip bonus.

Also a bonus – was the caravan coming with its own garden, hammock and fire pit. Also you are treated to a full English in the morning, either in-caravan or bumping into bunches of grapes in the vine filled gazebo.

Keeping with the circus/festival theme, the garden was strung with coloured lights hung from brightly painted posts. The idyll could only have been improved upon by another light –  in the compost loo. (They are working on this). Upside – avoiding the drink to avoid the loo also avoided hangovers. Like camping – but with beds.

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